Paul Is Ok

I searched chipped teeth and crows feet for months.


It nagged at me. I watched every video interview (pre and post ’66) and analyzed every solo album. News articles. Biographies.

Paul is Paul.

Talent, voice, posture, demeanor, attitude.

PID: The ‘forensics’ don’t hold up much. Facts vary. Photo matchups that float around actually prove he is he. Every piece of evidence in this case is circumstantial. Even Paul’s glib comments.

There are plenty of real Beatles conspiracies to chase down, however. 

Things seriously changed for the Beatles post ’66 (it really started earlier with ‘Help!’)… serious drug abuse, laurel canyon craziness, ‘witchcraft’, women (Yoko, esp.), and ultimately the tragic, ‘suicide’ death of Epstein (and other friends). you can see it on all their faces (and physical appearance, health-wise).

W/all the Beatles, the talent never disappeared. If you haven’t listened to solo Paul because of the theory, your missing out on your new favorite artist.

The beards have fooled people.

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