ZIM: Hope for Women in Politics


Jestina Mukoko

Zimbabwe has one key official, Vice President Joyce Mujuru.  Oftentimes challenged as for being a puppet of the Mugabe/ZANU-PF government (which does include women in its MP positions).

Due to the crises that affect the country and the political repression that has occurred in its wake, there is hope for women in politics in Zimbabwe. Many strong female leaders have emerged.  Included among them are Jenni Williams and Jestina Mukoko, who have been victims of political imprisonment and torture for challenging Mugabe’s regime. 

They are vocal activists of human rights in Zimbabwe, and are widely popular.  The fact that these new leaders are coming forward and being developed (albeit, “trial-by-fire”), bodes well as the country is preparing for new leadership, and possibly, parity between the sexes, post-Mugabe.



UPDATE: Jestina’s struggles:

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