The Many Hats of Good Leadership

“A leader is a dealer in hope.”  Napoleondealer-in-hope

I’ve also heard it said that a leader “must be everything, to everyone” and a “person for every season.” A leader must “wear many hats” and takes on the responsibility of a constituency that expects many things from her or him. A leader is responsible for rational decision making and creating strategies.

The leader must also know when to re-evaluate, and when to reward.  They must be open, and able to negotiate with. They must show consistency amidst change, and possess charisma to navigate the personalities they serve. The leader is a politician, influencing people to a goal, at the same time, a spokesperson for the advocacy, agency, or role they represent. A good leader produces and inspires.

“A leader is a person who has the ability to take charge of a situation and bring it to a proper closing, with the help of others.” I believe that a leader does indeed ‘take charge’–the leader is the one that makes a decision to lead. I believe that the leader is a manager who makes the decision to implement HIS/HER vision by working WELL with others. The person in command may be a manager, but not necessarily a leader. Leadership requires extra effort.

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