Tech Praise: Less Physical Clutter

a retro post, circa 2008

Do you need to own that 20 dollar dvd?  Or has the industry bilked you for something that will sit on a shelf?

I really like the idea of being able to buy movies/songs online.  I bought an mp3 album off of amazon the other day.  It cost me 8 dollars as opposed to the 12 dollars for the physical cd (which sits on the shelf) or the 17-18 dollars it would cost at a retail location (if I could find it, which I wasn’t able to do). By getting the mp3 album, I was able to have it immediately, for cheaper, without the extras that I used to think I needed, but which just turned out to be “more stuff.”

I still think I wasted my money in some way…I would almost rather pay a penny or five cents every time I listened to a song.  I might get a better value that way, rather than possessing something I don’t really need to possess.

Image found via another article which concurs.

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