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Underemployment is Unnatural


Participation in modern American society is cash dependent; we operate in a system which requires one to determine a role for oneself by which to earn currency. Where it was once possible to be “self-made” many people are essentially coerced into a position that they are told is in demand…not necessarily one that suits them, psychologically.

Many people are throttled through a University system because it has become the cultural norm. But, in some respect, education, higher-ed, jobs training, and the “job hunt” have become monotonous, impertinent, and “un-fruitful.”

When 1 in 4 faces un(der)employment, those with a job are compelled to keep theirs, if only for the sake of income or health insurance (both often the subject of complaint). We resign ourselves to “mandatory overtime” “credit checks” “drug tests” “90 day probations” no “paid vacation” and a host of other invasions and insults… for the privilege of participating in this consumer economy… and enriching the capital/investor/elite.

This intimidating process is compounded by exorbitant wealth disparity; many eat in this country…while some watch with an empty stomach. The hungry are among us and forced to engage in a cultural norm that is responsible (in part) for their misery. “Them being in the wrong…” for not having met the “success” of their contemporaries, the indignant are forced to rely on public services or literal hand-out…further burdening the psyche. This madness can’t be the natural order.

I can go on for days about this, but:
100% employment is possible.
Dream jobs, vacations, ect. ALL possible.

in some combination of a resourced-based economy (hemp), political wherewithal, and good governance…free of the corrupting influence of large corporate donations.

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