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SA: Sex-Work In Lieu of Opportunity

Prostitution is not often a career choice, but an unfortunate opportunity. Seeking opportunity, people travel

Sex-workers travel and oftentimes foreigners come to dominate the local sex-markets. The issue of prostitution and the mitigation of AIDS in Southern Africa can’t be solved by any one country alone, when the issues cross borders. Thus far, an ‘international effort’ has failed to satisfactorily redress the root cause: opportunity. (borders?).

Namibian prostitutes fall short of earnings compared to their foreign counterparts

According to findings, Zimbabwean and Zambian street sex workers, with well-paying clients fare much better. A Zimbabwean sex worker, Violet Chigari (26): “It’s a fact that foreign girls make all the money in this country while Namibian girls simply don’t know how to.” All her fellow foreigners make good money because they deal with the ‘right clientele’ mostly comprised of high-profile personalities, such as local and international businessmen, as well as politicians.

When it comes to day-to-day operations, Violet points out foreign sex workers do not only run the streets but they own them. In her view, foreign prostitutes have better advantage because they are highly experienced and find it a lot easier to be prostitutes in a foreign country rather than back home: they do not worry about bumping into anyone they know.

This clip gives good coverage:

The Tropic of Capricorn 2 of 20 – Namibia – BBC Travel

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ZIM Wonders: Natural Features

Although crises in Zimbabwe make it an improbable tourist destination, it is home to many natural and ancient wonders.

The country’s most popular attraction, Victoria Falls, received (at its peak) over 300,000 visitors per year.  It is a UNESCO world attraction, located on the Zambezi River in northwest Zimbabwe.  The border with Zambia also shares Lake Kariba, the largest man-made reservoir in Africa. Also in the north, but near the eastern border with Mozambique, is the famed Mount Inyangani, and its popularly traveled hiking paths.  It is the highest peak in Zimbabwe.

In the south, there are two other UNESCO sites: In the southeast, the ruins of the Great Zimbabwe civilization, for which the country is named. In the southwest, the Matobo Hills with it’s myriad of treasures. (gallery)

 Matobo Hills


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