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Language: ∞ Description of Experience

Language fosters organization of thoughts, complex actions, and the making and using of tools. It allows for social interaction and the organization of labor. It can be said that language is an evolutionary development and that humans were ‘created’ as language developed. Language is best understood as a discreet combinatorial system of letters and symbols, forming words.

Each sign, sound, or symbol is reference to a notion.(Credit: _marqs via iStock)

  1. Phonology – The parts to use
  2. Morphology – The rules of the recursive combination
  3. Syntax – Ordering to form meaning
  4. Semantics – The interpretation

image and related pop-sci article: Salon – Where does language come from?

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Braschi – Experimental Spanglish Poet

giaGiannina Braschi is the author of the experimental bilingual novel YO-YO BOING! and the poetry trilogy EMPIRE OF DREAMS.

Born in Puerto Rico but based out of New York, her work chronicles the experiences of Latin American immigrants in the United States.

YO-YO BOING!, written in half-Spanish and half-English, using the daily language of millions of Latinos in the United States, is considered the first “Spanglish” novel.

“For decades, Puerto Rican authors have carried out a linguistic revolution, and,” noted The Boston Globe, “her novel testifies to it.” Her work is “a synergetic fusion that marks in a determinant fashion, the lived experiences of U. S. Hispanics,” said the late American essayist and novelist David Foster Wallace.

Following a childhood in which she was the top ranked tennis player in Puerto Rico, she would go on to become a student of literature in Madrid, Rome, Paris, and London.  In Europe, Braschi would discover the dramatic and philosophical works of French, German, Polish, Irish, and Russian authors. Her later works would exemplify “experimental” style and format, celebrating foreign influences.

She settled in New York City and obtained a PhD in Hispanic Literatures at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1980.  A leader of the Nuyorican (New York/Puerto Rican) poetry scene, her first collection of Spanish prose poetry, Asalto al Tiempo, debuted in Barcelona in 1980.

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