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Free the Leaf Isn’t a Drug Policy Org

  • Free the Leaf is Global Cannabis Freedom.This cause supports consumers, educators, growers, patients and politicians who are friends of Cannabis. This cause welcomes those who view Cannabis holistically, without the undue Stigma.
  • The goals of our effort are to connect with one another socially, through media; and to collect our numbers physically, to educate, recruit and remove cannabis prohibitions Globally and Locally.
  • Free the Leaf ASSERTS provisions in the United States Bill of Rights. Expressly the Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and EFFECTIVE Petition and especially the Right to Individual Privacy. And lends solidarity to other causes engaged in parallel Social Justice assertions.
  • This community is politically ‘Green‘ (when it must be political) but welcomes those of all politics; It is well understood that Cannabis use and activism spans the political spectrum. As such we do not let politics divide us against these principles we agree upon.
  • Free the Leaf is Jobs, Medicine and Peace by the utilization of Cannabis.Legislatively Referred Constitutional Amendment

Originally posted HERE, November 22, 2011

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Make It From Hemp


The Cannabis issue is entirely about the potential of hemp–as the cornerstone of the American economy.  Hemp can substitute any material, and it’s overall utility has yet to be fully realized.Marijuana is a therapeutic alternative to both alcohol and tobacco, and that should be recognized.  Cannabis is Jobs, Medicine, and Peace.

And this is currently criminalized.  Better Living Through Cannabis…

End the “War on Drugs”…Everything from Hemp!

Free the Leaf!

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