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‘Genocide’: All Jargon, No Penance

Much with all subjects, thanks to the television and the internet, humanity has been blindsided with too much information and desensitization to important issues. With all this info, what can we do about it?

Like Ashoka, who converted himself and his state to Buddhism after his army slaughtered 100,000 at Kalinga, humanity needs to feel horrible about what has been done (whether it fits the definition of genocide or not). It must be learned and moved on from, taken as a lesson…instead, we dally and bicker over details.  The failure is with modern bureaucracy.14850-asokacopy-1354542624-535-640x480

Before WW2 and since the dawn of mankind, news of such events traveled much slower, if it was ever heard at all.There are “genocidal acts” being committed everyday, yet we don’t go to war. Is it a matter of going after those trying to “rule the world,” or entering into a conflict under the banner of genocide when its an economic interest.

There is failure in the term ‘Genocide’ because it lacks universality. Because I use it, doesn’t “mean” a thing (well, yes, but beyond philosophically). The people who have the power to effect change need to use it, or otherwise prove the term worthless. Merely a business decision.

When people with the power to label such events ignore it, it doesn’t mean that it is forgotten.  The lack of acknowledgement brings resentment, and instead of an opportunity to learn and better humanity, the inaction of bystanders is reinforced as an acceptable human behavior.

Good recent article: Is Preventing Genocide Possible?

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