Public Service Announcement: Salvia

Don’t smoke salvia!


Tuck it between your gums.

The leaves, that is…not the extracts. Salvia is medicine–Shamans have used it for many centuries. It is very safe when used appropriately for visioning.  Shame on those who use the extracts like a party drug in its name.  The unregulated extracts are just a way for a profiteer to make a dollar off of the farcical drug war.  If you want something to smoke for a positive experience, support your local cannabis trader.  If your life’s questions lead you to salvia for insights, there are PROCEDURES to follow.  Really, only, common sense.  Understand that salvia is NOT marijuana.  You will have an experience, but one that you are not typically accustomed to.  Choose good people and good environs.  A trusted room or porch or a a daytime camping experience.  Never in a car, or while swimming, or on a rollercoaster—do not try under those circumstances unless you are a professional.

A friend or two should want to sit the ride out, but that doesn’t stop them from participating in cannabis use.  Compassion associated with THC is welcome in those who chose to participate as sitters.  Like some substances, you don’t want to take it on an empty stomach.  Brownies, cannabis or otherwise, and other fun foods complement the experience.  Alcohol does NOT. Having water nearby is practicing smart humanity.  It also works in a pinch when you’re thirsty.  Take a deep breath find a nice comfy place to sit.  Stretch while you’re at it…forget about what you have to do for an hour.  This will happen pretty quick, so remember to remember…let your breath out and ask yourself a question.

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