My Common Core Criticisms

stop_common_core_rotten_to_the_core_poster-r5b1ed5648bc64059ad8ab6f0498fd5db_a4ndz_8byvr_512The collection of data from pre-school to career is an affront to personal privacy. I also find the ‘standards’-based test consortiums responsible for stunting learning in schools, and driving costs in new books, materials and programs to mitigate their damage.

Our state needs it’s share of returns from the federal government for the purposes of public education, but not with this program as the mandate. It is the Constitutional privilege of the state to set it’s own education standards, and it should abandon the top down effort offered by trade organizations to make policy, in favor of crafting it’s own rigorous standards and curriculum, absent their presence. And the government should return it’s share to the state for that purpose.

I would support an alternative to Common Core which returns the classics to the classroom.

I favor a delay in implementation, and an accessible time period for public comment.

Instead, the implement and spin to get parents to accept Common Core, post facto.

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