Colonial Remnants in Zimbabwe

Salisbury/Harare in the 1960's

Salisbury/Harare in the 1960’s

There are very few colonial influences left in Zimbabwe, besides the leftovers of Rhodesian infrastructure (roads, hospitals, schools, dams).  Some of this still bears colonial names, but Mugabe has been vigorous in his attempt to erase colonial history.  One glaring exception is Victoria Falls, a popular attraction that has kept the name (at least on the Zimbabwe side) given by Livingston in his exploration of the Zambezi.

The country is a parliamentary type, probably also a remnant of colonial political structure, but kept more or less as a gift opportunity to powerful Zimbabweans loyal to Mugabe; the government is largely ineffective.  The infrastructure left over from colonial Rhodesia was kept in relatively decent condition post independence, until radical policy shifts by Mugabe. The current, longstanding, economic crisis that has gripped the country prevents adequate funding; schools have closed, roads are in miserable condition, and hospitals are ill equipped to handle the present cholera epidemic.

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