Aids Avoidance – South Africa

Though HIV/AIDS is an international crisis, it has been widely regarded as a pressing South African issue. The country faces extreme logistical challenges in combatting the virus. It’s estimated that more than 5 million people in South Africa have HIV, and probably more than 1000 die every day HIV/AIDS and the diseases that accompany it, one of the more common being Tuberculosis. There are not enough hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, counselors, or meals to meet the need of the afflicted. AIDS treatment must be regimented for it to be effective. These drugs will have to be taken for as long as the patient lives. Alongside anti-retroviral therapy, the government must find a way to treat poverty—access, food, water—or any other obstacle that stands in the way of ARV distribution and efficacy. The strategy employed by the ANC in the 1990’s until today has been met with criticism for its ineffectiveness (characterized as ‘avoidance’ or ‘rumor-mongering’. It is argued that an effective state program to combat the matter is the only hopeful solution.

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